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As you already may have recognized, I am involved in Computer Science. So, let me give a cursory overview on my profile on this page. If you want to know more, visit my -- not very up to date -- profile in English or German.

[edit] My Background

  • I acquired a PhD in Computer Science (Dr. rer. nat.)
  • I acquired a univeristy diploma in Computer Science (Diplom Informatiker)
  • I acquired an undergrade university degree in Physics (Vordiplom Physiker)

[edit] My Profession

  • Object oriented analysis, design, and implementation
  • Programming in various languages (C++, Java, Delphi) for various hosts (Windows, Linux, Symbian)
  • Design and implementation of algorithms and data structures

[edit] At the moment

  • Spatial data structures (Maps)
  • Fuzzy text indexing on spatial data (Geocoding)

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