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At the beginning of 2007, I started to build my own home theater personal computer.

[edit] Case

I bought a stylish Zalman HD160XT computer case. I think it's the perfect enclosure for a computer that 'sits' in the living room.


  • Volume knob, some buttons
  • Remote control
  • Two rear fans, one side fan, and one at the bottom
  • Fancy touchscreen

Howeover, the default software that controls the fans and handles the remote control was not 'appropriate' for me. So, I wrote my own little fullscreen control center that is shown all the time on the touchscreen.

If you have this computer case, you may like to go here for details on this programme.

[edit] MediaPortal

As media center, I use MediaPortal.

[edit] EPG

I get the electroning programming guide from TV-Movie ClickFinder.

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